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Dr. Guy Hochman: Behavioral Economics, Rational Decision Making, & Moral Behavior

Head of the MA Program of Behavioral Economics at IDC
Dr. Guy Hochman

Are we rational? Are we as moral as we think we are? Can we really trust ourselves to make rational ethical decisions?

In this episode, we have Dr. Guy Hochman, who is a senior lecturer and the head of the MA program in Behavioral Economics at IDC.

Guy received his PhD in organizational psychology from the Technion university and then went on to complete his post-doctorate at Duke University under the supervision of Prof. Dan Ariely. His research focuses on heuristics and biases, behavioral economics, pro-social and anti-social behavior, and the cognitive processes that underlie decision making.

We got into some of the basics of behavioral economics and the revolutionary way that this field incorporates the human element into economic research. We'll also explore the idea of ethical decision making, and how such research can help us promote moral behavior and bring about a more ethical society.


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