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David Schapiro: The Booming Field of Insuretech

Insuretech Advisor | Co-Founder at Planck
David Schapiro

In today’s episode, I spoke with David Schapiro, an expert in the insurtech space, who combines his silicon valley cowboy past with the old-school culture of the insurance industry.

David explains why we’re seeing the emergence of a great number of tech companies within the insurance space, and why this is just the tip of the iceberg. David has been involved in companies such as Ahoy! Insurance, ClickSoftware, PLANCK, BoughtByMany, Sayata Labs, and Earnix.

We spoke about David’s experience in this space, his insights about insurtech specifically and entrepreneurship more generally, and about the track record we’re seeing of Israeli high-tech companies making a global splash and bringing innovation to the forefront.


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